Creality Ender 3-S1 vs 3-S1 Pro, what are the differences?

Take a sheet of paper, pull up both printers and do a side by side comparison. If you're like me, you end up scratching your head and asking why? Why did Creality Introduce the 3S1 and the 3S1 Pro back to back?

I am not really sure but I'll share my opinion. I think the 3S1 Pro was introduced to compete with or dominate the Voxelab Aquila S2 High Temperature 3D Printer. 

After all Hight Temperature Printers and Larger Print Beds seem to be the "thing" right now. 

But seriously think about it, Creality just introduced the 3S1 and then Voxelab comes out with their new high temp printer at almost a fraction of the cost.

Albeit, those two printers have some differences, but the main selling point was the high temp feature.

Here's the kicker, there is virtually no difference between the 3S1 vs the 3S1 Pro except for the hot end and the touch screen and some minor design differences to the frame. Creality retails the same hot end that's in the Pro for $28.00 shipped.

Here it is...........

"CREALITY High Temperature Heating Block Kit Customized For Ender-3 S1 CR-10 Smart Pro Printer Equipped With Sprite Extruder."

Creality Ender 3-S1 vs 3-S1 Pro, what are the differences?

The hot end pictured above is the EXACT hot end used in the 3S1 Pro. It's plug and play, the wires are the same, the thermistor is the same, the heat block is the same, the nozzle is the same and so is the material. It's 100% exactly the same.

Now, if you did your side by side you will have noted that the two printers have a little bit of a different look. Some variation in weight and build but not much at all, in fact not enough to justify the extra cost to get into the 3S1 Pro.

We happen to sell both versions because some customers just want the Pro version over the 3S1 but I always try to point out the cost savings by just upgrading the hotend on the 3S1. We're in business and yes any business needs to make money to survive but we aren't here to take advantage of our patrons either. You will always get the most honest feedback even if it means we didn't sell the more expensive printer. 

If you want to save money, and you can do without the touchscreen my advice is to buy the 3S1 add the Hotend and call it a day. You won't feel taken advantage of, you'll be happier, it will print the same as the pro and your pocketbook will thank you too!

by Jessica Hayes


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