What is Creality Care +, and is it Worth it?

Creality Care + is a new after-sales service that Creality promotes to its customers. As an official reseller of Creality, we've decided not to participate in this program.

What does this mean for you? If you bought into the program and wish to take advantage of the benefits included, you would need to find a participating authorized dealer to help you.

Our reason for not participating is simple. 

-The program costs an additional $29 to 49 dollars depending on the printer

- The program only applies to certain printers

- We believe Pre-Sales Service and Post Sales Service should be free, especially when a warranty is involved. Historically, it's our experience that if something goes wrong, it happens in the first year, at which point your Warranty Replacement Parts should be Free, to begin with.

- We have direct links with back channels and engineers who can help us immediately confirm the problem or issue. In 90% of the cases, the parts have always been covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Our analysis tells us that those parts were shipped expeditiously to the customer.

- If a part isn't covered under the Terms of the Warranty or Your Printer has fallen outside of the Terms of the Warranty, we leverage our buying power to obtain your replacement parts at a fraction of the one-time payment you've made for the Care + program, to begin with.

If something changes, we will monitor it and let you know. However, in the meantime, when you purchase through us, consider yourself covered, and we will always bend over backward to get you taken care of. We don't believe in charging extra for a Warranty or Extended Warranty, especially one you can only use once during the entire year that you own your printer.

Excerpt from Creality's Official Website: "Provides one-time free parts replacement in one whole year for you without any worry about dropping, personal modify caused by operator error or other accidents".

For Tinker Hive, it's all about Customer Service. Customer Service with us means, Professional, Kind, Courteous, Fast, Free, No extra fees, No extra Membership fees, Resources, Free Shipping for all Replacement Parts covered or not. Satisfaction, Answers, Information, Assistance, Knowledge and Quality.

Our name is Tinker Hive, and our Policy is Quality Customer Service!

by: Jessica Hayes

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