Tinker Hive Announces Free 24/7 Lifetime Support!

I want to say...... WE HEAR YOU!

When you buy from us, you're not just getting a printer; you’re getting the service behind it.

We’ve developed one of the most extensive 3D wikis, full of resources for our customers. In combination with Software called "Slack", it allows us to communicate with you or multiple customers and support representatives in real-time 24/7. By invitation only and only for Tinker Hive Customers.

Slack is a communication tool tied in with our wiki. It allows us to reference materials, pictures, and videos. This means we can openly talk in our private and secure channel, but we can also provide you with the latest help resources.

Once we've sent you an invite and you register with Slack, you now belong to a private and secure communication channel and wiki resource that you can reference anytime, speak to us anytime, and communicate with some of our customers who've already registered in real-time.

We've built our own Support Eco System and Community to get you the tools you need that will allow you to fix your problem and get you printing faster.

It's not just a communication support tool either. Our wiki is loaded with training videos and how-to resources, and cheat sheets that will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about 3D Printing.

I will say, our Wiki and Communications Channels are in beta testing. We expect to go live May 1, 2022. Not to worry though, you will receive great care if something should happen in the interim.

Are we still worried? What if a part breaks? We’ve got the backend channels and contacts with all the Vendors we're partnered with. This means quick responses, faster warranty replacement, and parts shipped to you quickly.

We want you to succeed and get you back up and printing as quickly as possible.

Sure, it may be cheaper to purchase from Amazon or a fly-by-night eCommerce company, or even Direct from the Manufacturer, but what will your support be like? Have you read the fine print? Does all of this sound way to familiar? 


Maybe you've purchased from a reputable company, but they charge tier or layered fees for their service? Wait, for WHAT?

Yep, it's true; not only did you drop several hundred on your printer, but now you must pay for service? At Tinker Hive, we believe in offering exemplary service before, during, and after your purchase. It’s what sets us apart!

Remember, you've invested in a 3D printer full of electronic components. While we hope nothing ever happens to your printer, you can now enjoy worry-free printing if anything happens.

In Summary, when you buy from us, you get:

  1. Free 24/7 Lifetime Support, Available through Chat Relay, Slack, Phone, or online with complete wiki resources.
  2. Free After Care Service - Never any membership fees, all of which are handled in-house and personalized for you.
  3. Warranty Parts, Shipped Free, no questions asked, and we offer Discounts on Replacement Parts not covered under the Manufacturer Warranty.

Leave the heavy lifting up to us, and we'll come through for you. Thank you for Choosing Tinker Hive for your 3D Printing needs.

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