Sighting Alert**Co Print: Multi-Filament Module for All Bowden 3D Printers

I recently saw this kickstarter campaign come across my feed and I thought I would share. It appears to be a Multi-Filament Module which would allow you to print in multiple colors and from what I can tell the Manufacturer Co-Print is creating this in Partnership with Creality (but don't quote me on that) as there are very little details available on the Kickstarter Campaign. I should mention that I first saw this posted on the Creality official Instagram Page (see pic.)

Sighting Alert**Co Print: Multi-Filament Module for All Bowden 3D Printers

Multi-Filament modules are not something new, in fact Mosaic makes a multi-color filament module available in two different variations called the Palette 3 and the Palette 3 Pro. 

We have not had an opportunity to get our hands on one yet, but there are several YouTubers and other reviewers who have...and if your interested just a simple google search will get some great feedback on one of these little guys.

In addition to the Palette and the Co. Print we know Prusa makes one called the Multi Material Upgrade 2S or (MMU2S). 

It looks like these Multi Filament Modules are beginning to trend in the 3D Print Space and it probably won't be long before you see other manufacturers who are either going to make them or they already are and we just haven't seen them released yet. 

Either way this is very exciting and it really opens up so many possibilities for any enthusiast! 

If you're interested in learning more about the Co. Print, here is the Kickstarter Campaign pre-launch Information.

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