New Phaetus Dragon Coming Soon! Tinker Hive

Are you ready for the all-new 2022 Phaetus UHF Dragon Hotend?
Expected arrival at the end of May 2022.

We've purchased enough to fill backorders and then some. If you missed out on our special Promotion, no need to worry, we got you! The listing will go back up on May 10, 2022. Unfortunately, we will need to limit 2 per customer because of demand, but the good news is we've got the 2nd batch already on the way.

I am also excited to let everyone who pre-ordered that your free Silicone Socks, and Your Nozzles will be here in time to ship with your Hot-end. 

Here are the Specs.

1. Lengthened plated copper heat block and filaments melting section meet the requirements of high temperature and high-speed printing.

2. Heatbreak of 0.25mm wall thickness, excellent heat insulation, free from filaments clogging.

3. Titanium alloy heatbreak, extremely low heat conduction, and excellent heat insulation, free from filaments clogging.

4. Titanium alloy support screw, high strength, and extremely low heat conduction ensuring low heat conduction to meet the function of changing nozzle with one hand.

5. The nozzle is compatible with various specifications of flows and used with ease.

6. Copper plated / Hardened steel nozzle selection, high temperature, wear-resistant filaments printing.

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