Free No Obligation Consultation Available to Everyone!

With the many 3D printer choices on the market today, making a decision can be tough. The more research you do, the more confusing things can get and then you start joining groups on Social Media and everyone has a different opinion. 

We receive a lot of feedback from phone calls, text message or direct message and emails all of the time. After compiling this feedback we've come to realize consumers want more information. This is why we decided to create our consultation services.

Of course you can message or call us anytime and ask us anything about which printer you'd like to buy...

But we felt like we needed to offer more. Our Free Consultation is designed for exactly this purpose. It's really meant to drill down and dive deeper into some of the questions or concerns you have. Let's  face it, this is an investment and whether or not you spend $100 or $3,000 dollars you want to know more than "oh thats a great printer, just buy that one", only to find out later it might not be compatible to meet your needs.

Our consulting service is free and there is no catch. If you walk away with the information and choose to hold off or maybe purchase elsewhere, we get it. If we were able to help share some helpful knowledge in hopes to ease your mind and really to get you started on your Journey! (Don't worry there is no pressure, it's not like sitting through a time share presentation or anything like that. It's casual, intended to be fun and educational).

We genuinely have a strong passion for the 3D Printer Space and we want to be able to make a difference by helping to educate and facilitate growth. 3D Printing has come a very long way and 3D Printers have significantly come down in price. Our passion is to really help get you into the correct printer so you can be successful. 


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