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  • What Kind of Glue Should I use for my 3D Prints?

    I'm a non conformist, I didn't want to just buy some of the newer products on the market advertising glues specifically designed scientifically for gluing 3D Prints together. Instead I was determined to find out how it's always been done? Right? I mean 3D Printing isn't new and surely gluing prints together has always been a thing, so I wen't on my search. More in the blog.

    by Jessica Hayes

  • The Little Engine that could. How capable is your 3D Printer?

    As I thought of how I would start writing this blog I was reminded of a favorite pastime book "The little engine that Could" and that's because as we dive into this blog the little engine is compared to a small 3D Printer. I think it also goes without saying the moral of the story you're about to read is that sometimes I think we become paralyzed in our ability to reach our full creative potential when we think about what our 3D Printers are truly Capable of. 

    Interested in learning more? Read the rest of the blog.

    Reading Time: 4 min 10 seconds

    by Jessica Hayes

  • Tinker Hive offers FREE Shipping to CANADA

    Now Shipping to Canada, select products and select areas. Please read the blog for more information. by Jessica Hayes
  • Creality Ender 3-S1 vs 3-S1 Pro, what are the differences?

    The Ender 3 S1 vs the Ender 3 S1 Pro? This topic seems to be trendy at the moment and so begs the questions circling around these two printers, what features and benefits do they have? Are the any good? and is it worth spending the extra money for the Pro? Check out the blog to see what we think. 

    by Jessica Hayes

  • New Phaetus Dragon Coming Soon! Tinker Hive

    This has been a long time coming, and apparently, I didn't even know about the back history. I won't get into that because I have no control over what happened.
    But I will tell you we are proud to be able to offer the new Dragon UHF Hotend by Phaetus.

    To learn more about the Dragon and how you can get yours. Super special thanks to all our Customers, DIY'er's, Voron Builders, Custom Builders, and Makers!

    by Jessica Hayes

  • What is a Patreon?

    If you're a beginner enthusiast, sooner or later you're going to stumble along an Artist or a YouTuber who may have a Patreon Account. A lot of the time these Creators will offer free content on their YouTube Channel or maybe free .stl print files on some of the popular repositories such as thingiverse. You begin to realize the work they create is valuable to you and you'd like to support what they do at a membership level..... That's where Patreon comes in... Watch the video in this Blog Post,  What is a Patreon? and learn more about Patreon.... By: Jessica Hayes
  • CoreXY explained: Comparison + strengths & weaknesses

    CoreXY seems quite popular at the moment, with a range of printers now available from manufacturers. This is on top of great designs such as the Hypercube on Thingiverse. In this video, a comparison between CoreXY, various cartesian and the delta motion system is made, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each. By: Teaching Tech
  • Chocolate 3D printer lets you create intricate designs in minutes!

    “Printing food is an interesting idea, but the food 3D printers on the market are too expensive. What we want is a flexible solution for food 3D printing, so we create LuckyBot – a replaceable 3D printer extruder. You can easily install it on your original 3D FDM printer, and print food in the shape you want in a flexible & affordable way.”
  • 13 Things I Wish I Knew ABOUT 3D Printing!

    Whether you’re thinking about buying your first 3D Printer, learning to use your new 3D Printer or you’ve been at this for a while, in the next several minutes I’m going to teach you thirteen things about 3D Printing that took me a little while to really understand and hopefully they’ll save you some time.

    By Nils Rasmussen DIY Educator - 3D Printing Zone,

  • 3D Printer Calibration


    This page serves as a companion for this video: 3D printer calibration revolutionised - Step by step to better print quality

    It has received a major update to bring it up to V2 which is explained in this video: 3D printer calibration site V2 - Still free and better than ever!

  • Remembering Sanjay Mortimer: 1989 - 2021

    Remembering Sanjay Mortimer: 1989 - 2021, Visionary, Inventor and Pioneer in the 3D industry. If you're into 3D Printing then you've probably seen the very sad news about Sanjay Mortimers passing. We at Tinker Hive didn't personally know Mr. Mortimer however we wanted to pay our respects to the Mortimer Family and everyone at E3D and to all of those who knew him.

    "Mr. Mortimer was such an amazing person, one who was loved by all and an individual who changed the 3D Printing Space forever". anonymous

    There are several commemorative printable files dedicated to Sanjay which are available on if you are interested. While we at Tinker Hive didn't personally know Sanjay we would like to say....Rest In Peace Sanjay, your Legacy will Live on in the 3D Printing Space for Years to Come and Thank you for your Dedication and Contribution to the 3D Printing World! Sincerely, Jessica Hayes and the entire Tinker Hive Team!

  • Updating your Ender 3 V2 to Jyers

    Are you planning on updating your Ender 3 V2 Firmware from stock Creality to Jyers? Continue reading this blog for a basic rundown and explanation of Firmware. I've also included all the links you'll need, plus a helpful video.

    by Jessica Hayes